To cultivate new practices and revisit old knowledges of landscape architecture. The traditional oppositions between nature/artifice, science/art, urban/rural, body/environment, earth/alien are no longer useful ways to consider the practice of landscape architecture. Rather the challenge of landscape architecture is now to find new ways to invert, rework, and reorder these perceived dualities through design.

To do so by articulating and developing faculty and students with multiple fields of specialisation/enquiry that enable productive intersections between industry, community, research, policy and practice. Where discourse is seen as the generator that allows for the continuous production of ‘discipline’, in which the relationship between discourse and discipline is described as operating within a context that encourages practice ethics, entrepreneurship and contribution to the wider community.

o expand these approaches we seek to discover, develop and disseminate unique modes of practice with design tools and techniques which can be adapted in response to issues posed by the contemporary world that traverse ecological, social, economic, and political domains.


Landscape Architecture

RMIT University

Building 8, Level 12 - 360 Swanston Street

Melbourne 3000