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NGV.SK is a landscape that frames shifts in time and movement of materiality, through the exploration of a new type of gallery space, positioning them as a performance landscape curated through a series of artists.These frames will start to form new space and place for adaptive and existing ecology to develop through the interaction of challenging coastal and transient landscapes. NGV.SK is a comment on a changing and dynamic world and how we can adapt to constant flux.

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Investigating delineations between the urban and the sub-urban, the front and rear, the commons and the dwelling, this project asserts that urbanity is defined not by static inhabitation, but by the routine circulation that occurs amidst the commons found in-between. Where are the limits to designing places; or at what stage in the process of realising place does design become irrelevant to ensuring the on-going operations of the urban sphere if so much of what defines it is experienced through vested third-parties far and wide?

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