Alice Lews

Alice’s research explores the human body as a productive, performative material of the urban environment. Her research explores methods for practicing with everyday material prosthetics - such as clothing, bicycles and smartphones - as productive interfaces that effect the way we engage with the functions and systems of urban environments.

Deeply concerned yet fascinated with the effects of burgeoning urban populations, her practice engages interdisciplinary knowledge of the body and the city, cultivated over a decade of engagement with landscape architecture and costume design, to explore what new approaches must be developed for landscape architects and associated spatial practitioners to ethically and effectively work with the body in the design of cities. Her developed methods contribute to an established field of city research that acknowledges the vitality of humans and the power of creative expression in the formation of cities.

Her teaching practice is informed by expertise and techniques cultivated through Practice-based PhD research and associated project works. Design studios draw on the theoretical position of her practice, often investigating the performativity of small-scale, site-specific intervention and Do-It-Yourself actions on the broader socio-political urban environment. Courses often engage in ongoing and increasingly urgent urban debates regarding security, programmatic segregation and the agency of the population in actively shaping their cities, towards cultural, political and ecological ends. Interdisciplinary collaboration with practice, related industry and government agencies also punctuates her teaching, opening conversations between the academy, landscape architects and a vast array of stakeholders concerned with the future of the city.

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