Louella Exton receives the Patricia Guthrie Memorial Award

RMIT 2019 SCHOLCER_136.jpg

We are very excited to announce that Louella Exton, who graduated from BLAD in 2018, has won the RMIT University Patricia Guthrie Award. The award is given to one outstanding female student across RMIT University that is graduating from an undergraduate degree. The prize is selected on the basis of academic excellence alongside social and community contributions that take place within and outside RMIT. 

In Louella’s case, this recognised the contribution that her — and her peers — made to the landscape architecture student cohort and the wider discipline through her work on initiatives such as SLAB, the ROLE symposium and the Mungo Man Return to Country trip. She is also the first student from the School of Architecture & Urban Design to receive the award since 2004.

Louella is currently using the prize funds to develop a project exploring liminal spaces through the concept of 'the road' as an instrumental device. We look forward to seeing how the project develops and thank her for the significant contributions she has made!

Philip BeleskyNews