Xingyuan Chen wins Landscape Architecture Australia Student Prize

Many congratulations to Xingyuan Chen for winning the 2018 National Landscape Architecture Australia Student Prize! The project statement of Xingyan's graduating project describes it as:

“Tasting Territory is a flexible food system. It reimagines food production, distribution and consumption to address issues affecting society, the environment and human health caused by the phenomena of food homogenisation, mass industrial food production and unhealthy urban food patterns. Rather than viewing food purely as sustenance, Tasting Territory proposes a collection of core drivers for the city that facilitate the local economy, promote cultural identity, protect the environment and secure the population’s long-term health.”

The Landscape Architecture Australia Student Prize is a competition that reviews the graduating projects from across the landscape architecture programs of Australian Universities. Each program elects a single entrant which are then blindly reviewed by the jury. Jurors unanimously selected Tasting Territory as the winner and noted that it:

“distils rigorous research into a compelling proposal that connects the human experience of food and its processes of production and consumption at the individual and domestic scales with larger territorial-scale strategies. Noteworthy for its ambitiousness, complexity and attention to detail, Tasting Territory reminds us that food and the design of our food systems can be an aesthetic, emotional and intellectual experience, as well as something purely of necessity.”

Jury comments and more details regarding the competition are available on Landscape Australia. Xingyuan graduated last July as part of the MLA's inaugural mid-year cohort and is currently working at TCL.

Philip BeleskyNews