BLAD students awarded in International Garden-Making Festival

Our Bachelor of Landscape Architectural Design students have been awarded an Award of Excellence in the recently-completed 2nd BFU International Garden-Making Festival hosted by Beijing Forestry University.

The theme of the Festival was “The Poetics of Gardens” and featured a competition that asked all participants to build a garden space using natural bamboo and herbs. This provided an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of construction and materials while also creating an expressive space.

Fourteen international teams were shortlisted from over 200 entries to participate in the Festival. The RMIT team's work was initially developed for a lower pool design studio that was led by Liz Li (alumnus of both RMIT ad BFU) and included Huaying Zhuge, Jingyu Hu, Mingze Sun, Shuyi Lo, Yao Xu, and Zeng Xu.

The Garden as designed and built by BLAD students

The Garden as designed and built by BLAD students

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