Documenting Directions in Asian Landscape Architecture

Over three days in late January, 24 designers and academics from across the Asian region gathered in Beijing to discuss the possibilities of a contemporary Asian landscape architecture practice. Hosted by Peking University and organised by Jillian Walliss (University of Melbourne), Heike Rahmann (RMIT University) and Ricky Ray Ricardo (TCL), the workshop forms a critical step in a larger publication project which, for the first time, will document emerging design and theoretical directions for Asian landscape architecture.

Participants crossed generations and geographies and featured Yoonjin Park (PARKKIM)  and Professor Jeong-Hann Pae (Seoul National University) from South Korea, Jeff Hou (University of Washington), Stan Fung (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Chang Huai-yan from Salad Dressing (Singapore), Prapan Napawongdee and Yossapon Boonsom from SHMA (Thailland), Kongjian Yu from Turenscape, Dorothy Tang from MIT, Zhifang Wang from Peking University and Dong Zhang and Huicheng Zhong representing the two new generation Chinese design practices of Z+T and Design and Hope. Chinese hospitality combined with Australian organisation to develop an inspiring (and well-fed) event which offered a rare moment for Asian designers to come together and discuss ideas.

Philip BeleskyNews