Dr Leila Irajifar

Leila Irajifar is a lecturer in the Master of Disaster, Design and Development (MoDDD) program in the Landscape Architecture Discipline. She holds a Bachelor in Architecture and a Masters in Post-Disaster Reconstructio. She earned her PhD in Urban Resilience Planning from Griffith University.

Her research focuses on the intersection of urban design/planning, disaster resilience, and complex systems theory as a means to better understand the interdependencies of physical, natural and socio-economic responses in the face of climate change and other social and environmental hazards. Leila’s current research explores how the potential of crowdsourcing can be harnessed in operationalization of urban resilience.

Previously, she has been involved in UN-Habitat's City Resilience Profiling Program in Barcelona and worked on economic resilience in rust belt cities as a research fellow at the Institute for Great Lakes Research in Michigan.

Leila teaches core courses in the MoDDD program including "Building Urban Resilience", "Industry Project Implementation", "Shelter and Settlements",  "Disaster, Design and Development" and an elective course titled "Information systems in disaster response and humanitarian relief".

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