Fiona Harrison guest editor of Landscape Review

Landscape Review, Volume 16, No 2 (2016)

Gardens as Laboratories

Guest Editor: Fiona Harrisson

This special issue explores the legacy of the garden suburb and gardens in their complexity, as they exist now. The word ‘laboratory’ is used to highlight people’s dedicated projects and experiments in their gardens, involving longterm observation, experimentation and testing but without the controls of the scientific laboratory. The privacy of residential gardens allows for different kinds of exploration and experimentation, also at risk in certain density scenarios. Human endeavours in the garden have agency for its occupants and, beyond the garden boundary, in society at large. 

Paul Fox: Architects and Garden Suburbs: The Politics of Melbourne’s Interwar Suburban Landscapes

Fiona Harrisson: Garden as 1:1: Between Paper Thinking and Earth Moving in Landscape Architectural Learning

Kris Scheerlinck, Yves Schoonjans: Garden Streetscapes: Front Yards as Territorial Confi gurations

Julian Raxworthy: The Sitio Roberto Burle Marx: A Case Study in the Garden as Scientific Laboratory or Vegetal Studio for a Moving Work of Art?

Adrian Marshall: Deb Reynolds’ Garden: Restoring the Unknown

Fiona Harrisson: Garden as Education: Learning the ‘Old Ways’ of Traditional Mediterranean Food Practices

Georgia Jacobs: Putting Down Roots

Lucinda McLean: Garden as Habitat: Knitting Habitat through Public and Private Land

Robin Tregenza: Gardening for Food and Community