The Space In-Between

John Williams

Winner Robin Edmond Hassell Travelling Scholarship 2016

The Space In-Between is a multi-scalar approach to post-industrial reintegration that uses phyto-remediation strategies as a framework to allow a more resilient and diverse urban fabric to accumulate over time.

The way that we produce and consume goods is shifting, resulting in a series of contaminated post-industrial void spaces that the project recognises as opportunities for new forms of urban living, new modes of production and new typologies of green infrastructure.

The Space In-Between is focused around the highly industrialised suburb of Brooklyn in Melbourne’s inner west. Brooklyn is a landscape dominated by quarries, landfill and large industrial estates. Lying only 10km from the CBD, these industrial uses are facing a series of increasing pressures to transform. The project taps into this condition of post-industrial vacancy and contamination, proposing a series of phytoremediation transition parks that would allow land owners to break down these super parcels into a connected urban fabric throughout the process of their remediation.

The Space In-Between represents a new model of productive urban park that staggers development from contaminated brownfield into productive, mixed-use residential community, allowing people into the process of remediation and building a sense of narrative and ownership in the space over time.