Students & Alumni Win Prize in Otto Line Competition

Contribution 1027: The contribution is a cooperation of landscape architecture and environmental art and presenting the advantages of a casual, creative approach. In contrast to other contributions it creates an integrative vision of how places could be - and an aesthetic application of interdisciplinarity.

Lewis McNeice (Bachelor of Landscape Architectural Design)
Xingyuan Chen (Master of Landscape Architecture, Graduate Bachelor of Environmental Art)
Zhaobo Kang  (Master of Landscape Architecture)

Contribution 1025 - Bridge Arial.jpg

Contribution 1025: The contribution shows a cooperation of landscape architecture, structural architecture and industrial design. The design, a futuristic bridge with flowing transitions into adjoining green spaces, represents a beautiful intermingling of architecture and composed urban landscape.

Landscape Architecture Students:

Eileen Zhang  (PhD candidate, Landscape Architecture)
Scarlett Liang (MLA Graduate)
Berry Pan, Mona He, Jessie Weng, Sharon Wu (Master of Landscape Architecture)
Jackie Gu (Bachelor of Landscape Architectural Design)

Cross-discipline cooperators
Manuel Muehlbauer (PhD candidate, Architecture)
Tal Mor Sinay (PhD candidate, Industrial design)

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